Available for California, Arizona, and Nevada

How To

Planting our lawn alternatives is easy! Ready to plant plugs are shipped directly to your door.

This page provides a brief summary on how to prep your garden and plant any of our lawn alternatives. For more specific instructions about each product, please see the downloadable PDFs.

Site Preparation

Do not rush the site preparation. You don't want to plant your plugs only to see vast weed problems come up a couple of weeks later. Taking the time and proper steps to get rid of weeds and weed seeds will be well worth the effort!

Before planting, remove all weeds by hand or kill with a non-selective herbicide such as RoundUp (glyphosphate).
Neglected sites may have a large population of weed seeds in the soil.Use of a pre-emergent herbicide can help reduce weed seedlings that will comenaturally when such areas receive irrigation. Pre-emergent treatments are best done a couple months before planting.
If our lawn alternative is being used as a lawn replacement and invasive grasses such as Bermuda or Kikuyu are present, be sure to consult with your local garden center or a good internet referenceas to how toproperly get rid of these invasive grasses, which can spread below ground, above ground, and by seed.

When to Plant?

Our lawn alternatives maybe planted year around. Optimal fill in will occur during the growing seasons between March and October. Fill in will be most rapid between April (after frost) and September. Fill in time can also be slower or faster depending on number of plugs used and plug spacing.


Make sure plugs are well watered before planting. 
Dig a hole that is twice the diameter of the plug, and about twice as deep.
Put some loose soil in hole so plug will be at correct height.
Place the plug in the bottom of the hole: leaving an air pocket below plugs (no soil contact at base) can lead to plugs drying out severely.
IMPORTANT: plug soil not surrounded by landscape soil will dry out quickly, reducing chances of survival.
Plugs are planted in a grid pattern. Check PDF for spacing details.

UC Verde PDF

Ruschia 'Nana' PDF

Kurapia PDF